Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes has died after launching himself into the air on a homemade rocket that later crash landed. Footage of the incident shows Hughes, 64, propelling himself into the air on the steam-powered rocket on Saturday, near Barstow, California, before it crashed. The incident may have been filmed for a new TV show, Homemade Astronauts, which is set to launch on the Discovery Chanel in 2020, according to TMZ. In footage of the tragic accident the rocket can be seen launching high into the air. After several seconds it is seen falling back down to the ground as shrieks from horrified spectators are heard in the background before it crashes. Although a parachute is seen to release from the rocket as it ascends before the crash, it appears to be unmanned and Hughes is presumed to have still been inside the rocket as it plummets. Hughes , from California, was at the site on Saturday with his partner Waldo Stakes where he was attempting to reach 5,000 feet in the air while on the rocket. Hughes and Stakes were working on getting as close to space above Earth's surface, about 62 miles without the use of advanced tech, according to Space.com. Hughes and Stakes were one of three teams that working to get as close to 'the Karman line', which is often thought of as the beginning of space.' Hughes' former representative Darren Shuster described Hughes as 'one-of-a-kind'. 'When God made Mike he broke the mold. The man was the real deal and lived to push the edge. He wouldn't have gone out any other way. RIP,' he said. A picture of the rocket was posted on his website on Wednesday, three days before the doomed launch. He also posted a video for a 'Rocketman' documentary about his bid to prove the earth is flat. Hughes was a daredevil and conspiracy theorist who believed the earth was flat and hope to launch himself into space to prove it. like, share and subscribe our channel
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